Arlene Phillips says Cheryl needs to put her problems in a little box

Cheryl Cole

We do love Arlene Phillips and one of those reasons is because she does appear to be slightly bonkers. The So You Think You Can Dance judge said today that she felt Cheryl Cole would get over being axed from The X Factor USA, she just needs to put her problems in a box.

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge knows all about being given the chop from a reality judging panel after being controversially replaced by Alesha Dixon on the BBC ballroom show.

Becoming the latest in a line of celebrities offering their insightful views on Cheryl's axe, Arlene said: "That initial bruise - that moment you hear - never goes away, you will remember that.

"What you have to do is put that aside, put it in a little box, tie it up with a ribbon and leave it there because otherwise that little sting will keep coming back. Just move on."

Makes perfect sense to us.

She added: "Cheryl is loved here, she has the world at her feet. She doesn't need 'X Factor' USA."

Arlene should be looking out however, her boss Nigel Lythgoe said recently he would quickly snap up Cheryl for one of his shows.

The original 'Mr Nasty' telly judge described Cheryl as "A stunning beauty. A take your breath away beauty," adding: "I’d certainly look at employing her. No question about that.”

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