David & Karen planned to make Knight Rider car appear from nowhere in Britain's Got Talent final!

David and Karen

Illusionist duo David and Karen reportedly planned to make a full size KITT – David Hasselhoff’s car from the Knight Rider TV series – appear from nowhere on the Britain's Got Talent final, if they had made. Unfortunately for them - and us viewers - the duo missed out on the chance after Jean Martyn went through instead.

A source said: "The producers loved the idea and all four judges were clearly impressed with David & Karen’s performance in the semi-finals. But Simon chose to put through the bizarre, old-hat organist Jean Martyn instead. Why?

"Perhaps because the KITT illusion was so astonishingly effective that David & Karen stood a good chance of winning the series. Cowell can make money out of singers but not magicians."

Despite the claims however it should be pointed out that Simon Cowell's vote in the second semi final was pointless, as fellow judges Amanda Holden, David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre had all already voted for Jean.

Furthermore the pianist - who eventually came bottom in the final - did receive more votes than the magic couple. Shockingly.

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