BGT runner up Ronan Parke reveals: "I was really upset by those nasty words"

Ronan Parke

Runner up of this year's Britain's Got Talent, Ronan Park has revealed for the first time this thoughts on the controversy surrounding his final week on the show. Speaking exclusively to The Sun, 12-year-old Ronan said he was "really upset" by the "rubbish" that was posted online.

Talking about the blog that claimed he had been signed by Simon Cowell years before entering the contest, Ronan said: "I was really upset - I hate bullying."

He said: "I was really upset by those nasty words written by an anonymous person because it was all a load of rubbish. It was a horrible thing for someone to do, attack me like that. I hope some people didn't stop voting for me because of it.


"I hate bullying - it's a terrible thing to do and I hope that people will see that it's wrong now."

The young singer wowed both the audience and the judges with his impressive voice, but despite being the strong favourite at 1/9 to win the show he missed out by just 2.5% at the final hurdle.

Ronan continued: "I felt like I should give Simon the best performance I could on Saturday. I love singing and that's what it was all about for me."

"I'm a lot stronger than people might think and I've got an amazing family and friends around me. They have all been great."

Meanwhile mum Maggie, who had previously blasted the claims, told The Sun: "The show couldn't have been more supportive and Simon personally called me at home to offer support. It meant so much to me.

"As far as I'm concerned you're always going to get people that are saying nasty things because that's the nature of life. It won't affect Ronan. He knows the truth, we know the truth and certainly Simon Cowell and everybody at Syco knows."

Ronan was beaten in the final by 24-year-old singer Jai McDowall.

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