Girls Roc's Nicola Wills thinks the group were too sexy and confident for Britain's Got Talent!

Girls Roc

Leader of raunchy dancer group Girls Roc, Nicola Wills has said she reckons the troupe were too sexy and confident for Britain's Got Talent. As the girls stripped for a tacky photo shoot in this week's Zoo magazine, Nicola said they would've "sailed through" in America.

Asked about why they didn't make the final of the UK talent show, Nicola said: "People love a sob story and we aren't that. We are sexy and confident. In America, we'd have sailed through."

She added: "I prefer The Hoff to Michael McIntyre. I love that he loves women and he's proud of it. I'm not such a fan of Michael. He's witty but needs to take the stick out of his bum! He's a bit of a prude."


Funny man Michael criticised the girls when they first auditioned, saying that their routine - which included fire and hula hooping in revealing costumes - was "too sexy" for telly!

Meanwhile member Georgina Leahy revealed that ITV cut out parts of their routine, she said: "I guess I'm known as the snake girl. I put the snake down my throat it in the first audition but they didn't screen it.

"But the first time I put him in my mouth it was him who jumped in. He seemed to enjoy it, though. His tongue tickles the back of my throat!"

You can read the full interview and see the pictures in Zoo magazine, on sale now.


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