Louis Walsh says Cheryl Cole will go back to acting like a popstar after X Factor USA axe

Cheryl Cole

Louis Walsh has insisted that Cheryl Cole is fine after being sacked from The X Factor, saying that the Girls Aloud star will be going back to being a popstar. Speaking on Loose Women earlier in the week, Louis said he'd been in contact with the Geordie singer.

Fox finally confirmed on Monday that Cheryl was going to be replaced on the show by Nicole Scherzinger, ending weeks of speculation.

Louis said: "I haven’t talked to her but I text her an awful lot. I think she’s going to be fine and she loves her music and she loves her dance. She’s got lot of things to do, she’s got Girls Aloud."

Meanwhile the Irish music mogul still insisted he really was sacked from The X Factor back in 2007, saying: "I was sacked. Nobody believes that story but I really was sacked and then I was reinstated. I was devastated. It was the worst part of my life. I didn’t see it coming at all.

"I was glad to get the call to come back and I was on the first plane back."

Louis is still on the panel this year, making him the only remaining judge from last year and the only panelist to take part in every series of the show to date.

The X Factor 2011 auditions continue on Sunday in Manchester.

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