David Hasselhoff says he was hoping Jai McDowall would win the show

David Hasselhoff

Britain' Got Talent 2011 judge David Hasselhoff has said he was hoping Jai McDowall would win the show on Saturday night. The Knight Rider star added that he felt Jai needed to win the show more than other contestants, who will have good careers anyway.

Jai narrowly come top of the public vote at the weekend after beating favourite Ronan Parke by just 2.5% of the vote.

"I was hoping Jai would win, I love that type of music, it’s the type of music that I record," David told BANG showbiz today. “Ronan already has an amazing career because he’s brilliant and aged 12, and New Bounce will have a pop career by tomorrow, but Jai would not.

“He would probably go back to singing at funerals and weddings, but now he’s going to be the king of Scotland. I love his story. I’ve been here all the way for four months to find the right person, and he’s absolutely the right choice.”

24-year-old Scottish signer Jai picked a £100,000 prize for winning the show and will go on to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Show in December.

David Hasselhoff told the singer to "remain humble", saying: “I would advise Jai to release a single and release an album and roll with it baby, but remain humble.”


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