Simon Cowell says Ronan Parke fix scandal made him "feel sick to his stomach"

Simon cowell

Simon Cowell has said that he was "sickened" by the fix scandal surrounding Ronan Parke, blasting suggestions it was a publicity stunt. The music mogul however added that he was planning on offering both Ronan and winner Jai McDowall a recording deal with his label.

According to The Sun, Simon Cowell said the allegations - which suggested his Syco label had 'groomed' Ronan for two years for stardom - made him "feel sick to my stomach".

But despite the claims, Simon did confess he was looking at offering both the 12-year-old singer and winner Jai recording contracts. "We're looking at it. I think we could do something with Ronan and Jai," he told the newspaper. "We would have to look at what else we have on because we're doing a lot with people like JLS. But I think people like them."


Meanwhile on the fix claims, Simon said: "The most upsetting thing was this poisonous email. It was so malicious and so anti this 12-year-old kid who couldn't defend himself.

"The fact there were people who thought it was a scam, or worse that it was true or a publicity job, made me feel sick to my stomach. I felt very sorry for him, I phoned his mum. It was a hammer blow."

Simon Cowell reportedly went to the police over the blog, with Scotland Yard confirming they had received a complaint.

"We have to stop people who are able to hide behind being invisible and can make up lies about a kid which could have wrecked his life," Simon explained. "If you read it in full he could have got beaten up or bullied. He could have lost his confidence. You can't let people get away with this."

Blasting ideas that the whole thing was a twist publicity stunt, he added: "If this was concocted by us then we wouldn't have gone to the police.

"I wouldn't be prepared to stand up in court, which I am prepared to do. That person should have the guts to speak in public but won't because it's a lie."

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