If you don't want to know what happened at The X Factor auditions in Glasgow, look away now...

The X Factor

The X Factor 2011 auditions rolled into Glasgow for just one day yesterday but despite the weather keeping the judges in happy spirits, numbers seemed very low on the ground - both on stage and in the audience! Fortunately for those who did turn, there were at least a few of standout acts.

Topping the day for us was a hopeful called Jade, who had travelled from Fife to try out for the judges. Starting her audition with an Etta James track before tackling Adele's powerful ballad 'Someone Like You', Jade had Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland in actual tears with her stunning voice. This girl really has talent and we'll be surprised if she doesn't make it through to at least the judges houses' stage of the competition.

Of course this being The X Factor, for every hopeful that excels there's another waiting to show they need to be gagged for the protection of the general public. If there was ever any use for a super injunction it would be for a lady called Bev B, who belted out the Black Eyed Peas' hit 'Dirty Bit'. Poor Bev was trying her best, and while her vocals made Cheryl Cole's singing sound like Leona Lewis, her dancing had the audience in stitches.

X Factor judges Glasgow

Once again this year there seems to be a severe lack of groups on the show, just two had made through the 'pre-auditions' to make it in front of the judges, and neither were anything special. The judges even tried to split up one of the groups, called After The Rain, suggesting that lead singer Ashley returned to audition as a solo artist. He declined their offer, although career wise he may well regret that decision.

To make up for the lack of groups applying it appears as though the panel are on the lookout for solo artists to manufacture groups from at the bootcamp stages. In previous years it has often been the manufactured groups that have done well, with One Direction and Hope both topping the category above the more 'organically-formed' bands.


This year The X Factor's visit to Glasgow was all about the girls, with a shy woman called Lynn effortlessly performing a Paloma Faith track to go through to bootcamp.

Meanwhile Gary Barlow showed no signs of letting up with his harsh criticisms, seemingly being even tougher on the contestants this time! With the seating arrangement mixed about and Kelly sitting next to Gary instead of Tulisa this time, the two halves of the panel often found themselves disagreeing.

However one thing that all the panel agreed upon was being very picky with the talent they let through. Even a fantastic performance of tear jerker track 'Heaven', complete with sob story, wasn't enough to get on hopeful through.

The X Factor 2011 auditions continue on Sunday in Manchester.


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