As it's confirmed Cheryl is out of The X Factor, what the next for the former Nation's sweetheart?

Cheryl Cole

If you were Cheryl Cole what would you do next? It seems to me that she is being pulled in so many different directions her head must be spinning. It makes me wonder what her advisors are up to – and I don’t mean her Mum – I mean the team of entertainment industry business professionals who are no doubt locked up in a room somewhere mainlining cappuccinos and biting their nails.

Cheryl has been called an ‘icon’ which is a very big word to live up to, and certainly ladles on the pressure. Everything she does/says/wears/eats/breathes is scrutinised and picked over on a grand scale and there is no doubt that her next move is being discussed and anticipated by a wide audience.

So what will it be… back to X Factor UK, a move to The Voice on the BBC, or something entirely new which none of us have even thought of yet? Although the rumour mills are hard at work second guessing her decision, and no doubt have their well placed ears to the right ground, I wouldn’t rule out a surprise announcement. It would be the perfect way to stand tall and come out fresh after what has been described as everything from a ‘humiliating disaster’ to a ‘little set back’. Say no more about the USA…

One thing is for sure, Cheryl Cole is still on the front pages of magazines, newspapers and websites every day of the week so whatever she decides to take on as her next project we will all still be talking about her. Not a bad effort for some well loved home grown talent. Bless her, I hope she is enjoying a bit of me-time and relaxation before the whirlwind starts again in earnest – we all know she won’t get much of a breather when it does.


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