Stephen Mulhern admits that he forgot Jai McDowall was in the final of Britain's Got Talent!

Stephen Mulhern

Host of Britain's Got More Talent Stephen Mulhern admitted today to being shocked that Jai McDowall won the competition on Saturday night, admitting to not even remembering Jai was in the competition! Speaking on This Morning, Stephen also said runner up Ronan Parke was going to have a bright future.

24-year-old Scottish singer Jai narrowly beat bookies favourite Ronan in Saturday night's final by just 2.5%, one of the closest results int he show's history.

However presenter of ITV2 spin-off series 'More Talent' Stephen Mulhern said: "I forgot that Jai was even in the competition. He was like the underdog. You only saw him a couple of times."

Meanwhile Stephen also spoke about runner up Ronan Parke, suggesting that the internet rumours surrounding the 12-year-old may have harmed his chances.

He said: "Do you know something, I don't think it helped. If people are going to be influenced by what they read - and we all know they are - of course it's not going to help."

But Stephen continued: "He's going to do so well. When you think about it, in the past Susan Boyle being a prime example.

"Now he's going to chill out for a bit and be guided and just hone his act, hone what he's going to do, and he's going to be so successful."

The presenter also suggested that dancer Steven hall, who finished 7th in the final, was faking losing his voice. He said: "Then in the after show party I'm confident I saw him talking so why would you even say that?"


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