Jai McDowall will buy his parents "whatever they ask for" to say thanks for their lifelong support!

Jai McDowall

Sweet Jai McDowall has said that he plans to spend the £100,000 prize money on buying his house as well as getting his parents "whatever they ask for". The Britain's Got Talent 2011 winner also said on This Morning today that he was going to chat about his future with Simon Cowell after the tour.

"I’d a brief chat with him just after I came off stage and he was congratulating me and things," Jai said, "He’s away for a while, so I’ll meet up with him when the tour is finished to discuss what’s going to happen."

Previous Britain's Got Talent finalists have gone on to sell millions of records around the world, with Susan Boyle and Paul Potts making millions with their impressive voices. For 24-year-old Jai however it seems as though the £100,000 prize is more than enough.


The £100,000 is amazing because I can buy my house and give myself a bit of financial security for the rest of my days," he said. "I won’t have to worry about anything like that."

The modest singer added that he would be buying his parents "whatever they ask for" to say thanks for being so supportive of him. "My mum and dad have been absolutely fantastic and from a very young age," he explained, "They’ve always supported me with my music and my singing, to even bring them on holiday or whatever... whatever they ask for I’ll give them."

As well as the cash prize Jai will also perform for the Queen at this year's Royal Variety show, which will be shown on ITV1 in December.

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