I thought "amazing" Ronan would win Britain’s Got Talent, says Jai McDowall

Jai McDowall

The modest winner of Britain's Got Talent 2011 Jai McDowall has said that he never expected to win the show on Saturday night. Speaking after the show, the 24-year-old singer said when it was just him and Ronan in the final two he felt the result was only going one way!

“For a boy of 12 to sing like that is amazing. When I was on that stage and there was just me and him, I still didn’t think I’d won," Jai explained. “Ronan is such a lovely guy and so talented – so it was a shock when my name was read out as the winner.”

The singer went on to say held "no grudges" against Amanda Holden, who openly admitted on Saturday night that she would've preferred Ronan to have won.

Jai said: “I don’t hold a grudge against Amanda. I spoke to her briefly and she congratulated me and said that I did deserve it. It was nice to hear.”

He added: “Simon came up to me and he was really supportive too.

“He was saying I deserved it because I was a nice guy. It was good to hear it from someone who I respect like that.”

As well as taking away a £100,000 Jai will also perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety show this December.

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