Britain's Got Talent 2011: Full voting stats and figures revealed

Britain's Got Talent

The full official voting stats and voting figures for Britain's Got Talent 2011 have been revealed, and as always they make for interesting reading. The figures not only show a number of close results with some acts narrowly missing out, but also suggest Simon Cowell isn't completely right about what the public wants.

In the second semi-final Two & Half Men came very close to being in the top three, just 1.1% behind 3rd placed David & Karen. Lorna Bliss meanwhile finished bottom of the pile with 1.5% of the vote. Out of the Blue were similarly close to making the cut in the fourth semi-final, just 1.2% behind Edward Reid in third place.


The Britain's Got Talent 2011 voting stats show that Ronan Parke was the most convincing winner from the week's semi-final, achieving a whopping 61.6% to top the public vote, eventual winner Jai McDowall as next with 42.9%. The closest top two acts were in the third semi-final, with 5% separating top placed Les Gibson second placed James Hobley.

Throughout the five semi-finals, the judges made four decisions on which act to send through (the first semi-final went back to the public). All but one of those decisions agreed with the actual public vote, with Edward Reid being sent home despite coming in second place. Steven Hall was put into the final over the comedian singer, despite Edward receiving nearly 11% more of the votes.

Onto the final and the stats make it clear that this year's show was a two horse race between Ronan Parke and Jai McDowall. The duo received more than 50% of all votes cast on the night, with second place Ronan around 18% ahead of third placed New Bounce.

As revealed previously, jut 2.4% split Jai and Ronan at the top of the leader board, with the pair receiving 29.1% and 26.7% of the vote respectively.

Elsewhere in the final Top 10 and the votes were all very close together, with Razy Gogonea just 0.5% away from finishing in the top 3.

See the full figures on our Britain's Got Talent 2011 voting stats page


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