Girls Roc say Ronan Parke was shown favouritism on Britain's Got Talent 2011

Girls Roc

Although he narrowly missed out on winning the show last night, Ronan Parke has been accused of getting preferred treatment from Britain's Got Talent bosses. Girls Roc, who performed in the same semi-final was Ronan Parke on Monday, accused the show of showing favouritism towards the youngster.

Group leader Nicola Wills told News Of The World today that Ronan was treated differently backstage, including taking part in events on his own.


"If I was 12 I'd probably expect the same treatment. But it was blatantly obvious that he was going to get through," Nicola said. "When we knew he was on out bill it was a competition to see who came in second place. Simon Cowell's a clever man, I wouldn't put it past him."

Meanwhile Nicola suggested that her group failed to get through the semi-finals because they weren't raunchy enough. "After what happened with our first audition - with Michael saying we were too naughty and Ofcom even having complaints - we were like, we're not going to go all out," Nicola told the newspaper.

She continued: "Maybe now I think we should have gone all out and wear the skimpier outfits we sometimes wear.

"But I think we could have been Lady Gaga and still not got through. These TV shows are watched by the family but dads and men don't vote. Mothers and children vote, and they're not going to vote for sexy women.

"To get through to the semi final has given us the platform we needed so we're happy."

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