"Restrictive" terms of the Britain's Got Talent contracts revealed?

Simon cowell

Tabloid newspaper The Mirror claims today to have revealed the "restrictive" terms of the Britain's Got Talent contracts that any hopeful semi-finalists just sign and agree to. According the paper, terms of the contract include a clause which gives Simon Cowell's Syco label rights to the act for up to 10 years.

The contract is apparently so restrictive that some of the top acts who auditioned for the show refused to sign it, meaning acts like Anontio Popeye had to be put through to fill the spaces.

Terms of the contract include payment of £140 for a performance on the tour and a £75,000 advance for an album – out of which all expenses including travel are paid.


The show's acts can also be threatened with legal action if they “bad-mouth” the show, and the winner is banned from talking about Simon Cowell’s private life.

A source told the newspaper: “It was like a conveyor belt with acts queuing up to sign their contracts. There were so many pages to go through. Some were foolishly taking just minutes to read through the documents before putting pen to paper.

“The contract goes into incredibly minute detail – in particular about confidentiality and seemed heavy-handed about what the repercussions were if you breached anything.

“It was full-on to say the least. But there were still people just signing it without giving it a second thought what they were doing despite being recommended to take legal advice."

Another source commented on the confidentiality clauses of the document: “It does seem completely over the top but then you’ve got to remember these kids were nothing before finding fame on the show.”

Britain's Got Talent 2011 concludes tonight with the grand final on ITV1 from 7PM.

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