Cheryl Cole to get £1.2million for The X Factor USA... as long as she keeps quiet over her exit!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to pocket around £1.2 million for her four days worth of work on The X Factor - just as long as she keeps quiet over what exactly happened to her on the show. According to The Mirror, the Girls Aloud star will have to keep schtum in order to get the pay-off.

The singer was axed, reportedly due to concerns over her accent and chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul, after just two rounds of auditions in LA and Chicago.

The terms of the order will mean Cheryl won't be able to "bad-mouth the show or Simon Cowell in public", an in return she'll receive a more than handsome compensation payment worth £25,000 an hour.

An insider told the tabloid: “Cheryl is going to be paid off if things go to plan. The last thing we need is someone with an axe to grind saying bad things about the show before it even starts.

“We hope a simple statement can be released next week and that will be the end of it. It’s is an incredible amount of money for four days’ work, but this is a multi-million dollar show with so much invested, it will be worth it. If she takes the money she is effectively agreeing to a gag.”


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