Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Semi Final 5: What the judges said!

Michael Collins

The next two acts to make it through to Saturday nights’ live final are Razy Gogonea and Michael Collings. They join Jai McDowall, Steven Hall, Les Gibson, James Hobley, New Bounce, Jean Martyn, Ronan Parke and Paul Gbegbaje in the grand final. Razy made it through on public vote.

Michael Collings and Pip and Puppy faced the judges to see who would win the next place in Saturday’s final. Michael was successful after getting the winning votes from Michael, Amanda, Simon and David.

After thousands of hopefuls auditioned, it’s all down to the final 40 acts to battle it out for a place in Saturday night’s grand final and the chance take home £100,000 prize money and a coveted slot on this year’s Royal Variety Performance. Last night’s special guest performance came from Jessie J singing Mamma Knows Best. Here's what the judges said...

David: “Marawa, you were on fire tonight, literally on fire. Fantastic job congratulations. You really stepped it up, great job.”

Michael: “That was an amazing start to this show. I expected you to do the same as your audition, which was hula hoop, but it was hypnotic. The set was doing my head in, but your face was hilarious, you bring so much to hula hooping.”

Amanda: “It was absolutely brilliant. I didn’t even look at the men behind you in the tight blue lycra. You were like Betty Boop with hula hoops.”

Simon: “You definitely lighted the mood now. Do you know what? Normally hula hoopers are quite boring but that was the best hula hooping I’ve ever seen. You could not have put more into it, you were hysterical. You put me in a good mood, I like the fact you went up and down and risked your life. Whatever happens, you’ll be booked for life.”

Pip & Puppy
Michael: “I loved it, that was hilarious. Buddy raised his game, it was better than the audition. When you went up high Buddy freaked out, but all in all a real surprise.”

Amanda: “You reached new heights this evening. You look gorgeous. I might need to borrow that dress for tomorrow night’s final. You are beautiful and you have lovely voice. Together you work perfectly.”

Simon: “Extraordinary. All my life I have been waiting for a singing dog, this was seriously unbelievable. I don’t know how the dog remembers words, either that or he was translating to, ‘shut up,’ but I think buddy did learn words, he does sing in Italian and we may have found most talented double act in the world.”

David: “I thought you were absolutely fantastic. I didn’t think you had a chance, you came on and looked like a giant Christmas tree ornament but when I die and go to heaven I want to see you. You sang beautifully.”

The Celtic Colleens
Amanda: “Again you have outdone yourselves. I loved your audition and tonight was very clever. It was very simple and brilliantly executed and you are waiting to show yourselves up, as we can only see your feet, but it was precise and perfect. Well done.”

Simon: “You know, last night there were moments when I was almost losing the will to live, it was so crazy. I’m not saying tonight isn’t crazy, but I have to hand it to you three [judges] you’ve actually done a very, very good job. And you guys [Celtic Colleens] have done a fantastic job because when you are standing there you think, ‘What’s going on?’ but it was really, really smart. I’ve never seen anything like that before, congratulations.”

David: “You know, you said you were going to blow the audience away and you blew me away. I really feel in my heart that we’re looking at someone who will be in the final.”

Michael: “You’ve said that to 12 acts. Simon is right, the standard tonight is amazing and all of you were absolutely sensational. I loved the audition and I just pray it came across to people watching at home as magnificent as it did live. I loved it well done.”

Mr & Mrs
Simon buzzed
Simon “It wasn’t great. It was very sweet, but the wrong song for the two of you. I don’t know why you chose that, how old are you? I wouldn’t be singing Teenage Dream. My advice would have been, you should have been playing piano and you should have been singing. It didn’t work, it was very old fashioned, I didn’t get it.”

David: “It started off shakey but you really got into it. You said you didn’t want to let each other down, you didn’t, you did a nice job.”

Michael: “Mr and Mrs, I really loved your audition but thought you were hilariously cheesy and I loved your voice but I think you hid away behind the piano. And the hair was annoying me a lot in your face. You walking around with hair in face and you behind the piano. But I love you and think you’ve got talent.”

Amanda: “I loved your confidence. You were nervous in the audition but tonight you made the most of the opportunity you were given. You’ve done yourselves proud and enjoyed yourselves, well done.”

Follow The Right Path
David: “You know, you guys are following the right path. Your granddads will be looking down on you right now and smiling at you. And you are getting such spiritual guidance from him. I loved the whole thing, you did a terrific job.”

Michael: “I think you chose to do the same thing and at the beginning I was a bit disappointed, but in actual fact I was pleased you did. It was a great song, so much passion. You are young kids, it is something you wrote and a tribute to your granddads to sing it again on this enormous day. I hope you become really successful and can buy each other the other earring.”

Amanda: “I like the song and think you did well but I was disappointed you didn’t come up with something else. You were clever enough to come up with it the first time and I thought you’d be clever enough to come up with something else.”

Simon: “I completely disagree with Amanda. You added the Mika element, which I don’t believe hearing in first one. It was Incredibly clever. You added to what you did in the audition. I thought the addition of the chorus and the choir made it more sincere. It was absolutely brilliant, really, really impressed.”

Antonio Popeye
Four buzzers
Michael: “I have no idea what that was. Popeye I’m glad your eyes popped out but I don’t understand why John and Edward, did they invade the act? Have they been hanging around since X Factor? It was a struggle for you to raise your game for the semi-finals and that shows.”

Amanda: “It’s a one trick thing and I think with all the showmanship and feathers and lovely bottoms and Jedward didn’t change it in anyway.”

Simon: “I don’t know what, all it looked like was you standing there with your eyes open but I couldn’t see you eyes bulging. Were they bulging tonight? From where I’m sitting, I didn’t see them bulging.”

David: “I never saw you do anything, I was watching the girls and feathers and then I realise you came through like you were going to the restroom with your eyes and I thought, ‘Woah, there’s the act.’ and I buzzed you but I didn’t want to as I liked the girls and the feathers.”

Simon: “You had to make your eyes pop out more for the semi finals but if anything they were smaller.”

Michael Moral
Amanda: “Bonjour, bonsoir, that’s all I know. You were fantastic. It’s really good to see you again. Simon made a good point there was absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have two dancers in the show, it was a huge mistake and I’m very glad you came back and proved yourself.”

Simon: “Bonsoir, tres bien. Michael, I thought it was very good in the time you had available. You didn’t have much rehearsal time. It was one of the weirdest ends to an act I have ever seen but you’re a brilliant dancer and I’m glad you had a second opportunity.”

David: “Well, in the words of the English people here, I was so gutted the first time we didn’t allow you to come back so I’m very glad you came back. Great job. It was the weirdest ending of any act I’ve ever seen and it took away from whole performance.”

Michael: “I can explain the ending, it was Razy and his brother trying to take you back to France. Michael, you know that I love you, we chatted in the corridor, I asked you for some croissants and they never arrived, but I think you’re a tremendous dancer and we’ll let the public decide congratulations.”

Michael Collings
Simon: “Michael, how are you? You know what? This proves the point that when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. You don’t need any affects. This is why artists like Adele are doing so well all over the world, if you’ve got soul in your voice and you have. I thought you were fantastic.”

David: “Michael, all week long I’ve been trying to make sense of the acts, to say nice things, but they were ok, but tonight you blew me away. From the moment you walked on. You remind me of a young Chris Rea. Anywhere you perform I would be there. I expect to see lot of you.”

Michael: “You have a new baby, your baby is so proud of you. It’s an amazing thing, starting a new life with a new baby and a voice Simon said is good and I can echo what he said, you can go all the way.”

Amanda: “You have a fantastic recording voice. You’re great on the guitar, you don’t need anything else, you are the voice, Michael, well done.”

Razy Gogonea
David: “You were absolutely fantastic man. You are so brilliant, just like a little doll, I could take you and squish you in different shapes. You really are a sensational act, welcome to the show.”

Michael: “Incredible perfomance, it was great to see all the lazors and mass production. I’m a fan of you, although I don’t think there’s a time I’ve seen you where you haven’t cried, you’ll be crying soon.”

Amanda: “You really stormed it tonight. You’re my favourite act of the evening. I’m so thrilled for you because it’s with every fibre in your body that you dance. I know how much you love it and I couldn’t be more pleased for you congratulations.”

Simon: “Hello Razy, how are you? You know the reason I brought Michael back is that he was not given a fair chance. I also think it’s good to compare you and there’s no question that when putting the two of you together, you absolutely won the competition. From what I’ve see of you I like you. I like people who come in, try hard, get on with the job. You couldn’t ask for more, and you’ve got a great chance of making the finals.”

Britain's Got Talent 2011 concludes tomorrow with the final from 7PM on ITV1.