David Hasselhoff says Steven Hall copied his act from YouTube!

David Hasselhoff

Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff last night blasted finalist Steven Hall, saying that the 52-year-old 'comedy dancer' copied his act from YouTube. Speaking to Stpehen Mulhern on Britain's Got More Talent, David was angry that Out of the Blue failed to even make the top 3.

David moaned: "Steven got that act from YouTube. He cannot sustain it. He could hardly get through it. What else is Steven going to do?

"Edward is creative, he's got a fantastic voice, he's got fantastic charisma. He came on and wowed everybody. He deserves to be in the final."

He added: "We've already got Jean Martyn in the final. We've already got one crazy lady. Now we've got another crazy guy. The Queen is going to think we're a bunch of wackos."

The Baywatch star revealed he was "sick" that vocal group Out of the Blue had missed out, saying: "I think the Queen would like them a lot more than dancing Steve."

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues at 7:30PM tonight. Steven Hall will compete in tomorrow night's final.

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