Britian's Got Talent 2011 Semi Final 4: What the judges said!

Steven Hall

The next two acts to make it through to Saturday nights live final were chosen last night as Jai McDowall and Steven Hall. They join Les Gibson, James Hobley, New Bounce, Jean Martyn, Ronan Parke and Paul Gbegbaje in the grand final. Jai McDowall made it through on public vote. Edward Reid and Steven Hall faced the judges to see who would win the next place in Saturday’s final.

Steven Hall was successful after getting the winning votes from Michael, Amanda and Simon.

After thousands of hopefuls auditioned, it’s all down to the final 40 acts to battle it out for a place in Saturday night’s grand final and the chance take home £100,000 prize money and a coveted slot on this year’s Royal Variety Performance. Last night’s special guest performance came from Jessie J singing Mamma Knows Best. Here's what the judges said...

Dance Angels
David - I love you guys. I love your costumes, your smiles your attitude.
Dance Angels, you rock.

Michael - Obviously I do love Dance Angels that’s why you’re here, but I thought you would do something different as what you did today we’ve seen in your first audition, it’s the same performance, which I loved but thought you’d try something a little different for the semis. I love everything. I love them, I love the colour, the big hair and the smiley faces.

Amanda – I love the energy, the outfits. You did Wales proud this evening.

Simon – It’s the first time I’ve seen this act. You were like two different dance acts. The first part was like, is this it? You saved yourselves by the second half, you got yourselves together. If I was sitting here at the auditions and it was the first time I saw you, I would have said yes.

Jessicsa Hobson ‘Single Ladies’
Michael – You’re really nervous aren’t you? Are you ok? I sensed your nervousness. But you should be really proud of yourself. You gave that absolutely everything, you belted that out. It was an excellent interpretation of that song. You should be very proud of yourself and less worried.


Amanda – Really good job, you look beautiful, you’re a stunning girl. You were extraordinarily nervous but you’ve got to relax and understand you’re a sexy young girl and be less nervous and rigid.

Simon – It started fine with you on the keyboard, but it got increasingly worse the moment you got off from the keyboard and started to sing the song. Whoever put you together with those two dancers, it was wrong, it looked like something from the 1970s. It was ridiculous and dated. I didn’t like that version of song. You’d be better on your own singing at the piano. In terms of using this as a platform as an artist, the show did you wrong tonight.

David – I absolutely agree, you’re so good when you’re on your own, just you with the piano. You need to stay intimate with your audience. You need to go back to what you did in your first audition.

Mexican Mayhem ‘Tequila’
Amanda- It was absolutely rubbish. As much as I found it endearing and funny the first time round, tonight it was excruciatingly embarrassing. It wasn’t very good.

Simon – Who said one of them wasn’t very good? I love dogs but that was the worst dog act I’ve ever seen in my life. Who’s directing this show tonight? It’s completely mad.

David – I thought that was the most hysterical act I’ve ever seen in my
life. Two dogs walked up, tried to get drunk on tequila, you did the
splits, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michael – It’s not really a dog act, you’re just a dog owner.

Out Of The Blue ‘Jump’ / ‘What A Feeling’
Simon - Guys, after what we’ve just sat through for most of the evening, thank god for you. It was unusual, I think you on the right were a slightly better lead singer, you were out of tune a little at the end. I like the fact it was original, different, very Glee-ish. Good choices of song. Very well done, congratulations.

David – This is exactly what the show is about. Variety, fun creative,
positive. I think the Queen will love you.

Michael – The Queen will love you. I had a lot of high hopes for you and you totally delivered. You just look so intellectual. Look, ok Simon loves you, it’s all good now thanks to you.

Amanda - Excellent vocals, very good choreography. Without sounding too
snotty, you’re from Oxford but really accessible to everybody.

Nathan Wyburn
David – The first act was toast and this was exciting, but I was trying to figure out what was going on and who they were meant to be. I applaud you for trying to be creative but I didn’t get it

Michael - I think what’s happened here is you tried to do too much. I would have bet a huge some of money you were going to come out and do Simon’s face. You can’t recognise the people. I much preferred your earlier work.

Amanda – You have so much potential and I applaud your creativity. I loved the way it started but it really hasn’t worked tonight, I’m so sorry for you.

Simon – Well this has cheered us all up. Honest to god, you should have come out here with a massive jar of marmite and done something we recognised. As the guys said, I think you took on far too much but at least you’ve got your toast to go back to.

Jai McDowall Bring Me To Life
Michael – The power, the passion, it’s like having William Wallace here.
The only thing missing is you should end all your songs with “FREEDOM”. I love the fact that you came here and want this so badly. You have done everything you can to take this opportunity.

Amanda - You really are much more relaxed. You’re rooted to the floor.
You gave me goosebumps. You’re very good at anthems, ‘anthemic’, if that’s a word?!

Simon - Well we’ve had a bit of an odd night tonight, a lot of extremes but you took your moment there. Fantastic choice of song. It was dramatic, the staging was great, you’re confident, strong. I think a lot of people at home are going to like you. You deserve this, good for you.

David – Of all the tapes we watched, I kept coming back to your tape.
This guy could go all the way. You are definitely looking at a finalist.
It is an honour to see you come this far. Congratulations man, fantastic job.

Steven Hall Medley
Amanda- Steven I thought you were better than your audition. I mean I know that it’s tongue-in-cheek but you’re a really good dancer. I loved all the different themes. I wish you could sing, I’d love to see all your videos.
If this doesn’t say YouTube I don’t know what does.

Simon - I was just thinking back to the year we had Diversity and how things have progressed over the years. Maybe there’s something in the air tonight, I did actually enjoy what you did. It is crazy and slightly sort of compelling and you seem very likeable. You’re at odds with your job, it’s so gray then you come here tonight and do what you did which probably makes it work. The public will like you, well done.

David - I don’t know where I am. That was the weirdest act ever but somehow I enjoyed it. It’s entertaining but I don’t know if it has a place in the finals. It’s not up to par when compared to Ronan, New Bounce, James, Les. It is a one off thing we can see on YouTube tomorrow. If you like it (to the audience) then it’s Britain’s Got Talent not America’s Got Talent.

Michael – I think if Steven was back in his telecommunications job now he’d put David on hold. You’re just so entertaining. Amanda has been very tough on dance acts, we’re looking for someone who could equal Diversity.
Steven Hall, it could be you.

Edward Reid
Simon – I actually think I’ve gone mad tonight. The whole show is like some weird nightmare. You’re singing Tinky Winky and two people in their swimming trunks over there flying and I’m sat here thinking ‘am I supposed to like this?’ and amazingly I do.

David – I love you man. I think you’re awesome. I couldn’t wait to see what you came back with. Great job, very entertaining. I expect to see you in the finals as well.

Michael - Nice to see some happy tears on the stage tonight. It’s a surprise for me as well as being magnificently entertaining I really like your voice. We’ve had two huge Scottish power singers tonight who literally could not be more different.

Amanda – I loved you, my favourite thing of all time. We always say this show could change your life, this show could give you money to by some socks. I loved it.

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM on ITV1.

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