Britain's Got Talent 2011 Semi-final 4: The line up! Steven Hall, Jai McDowall and Edward Reid

Edward Reid

The Britain's Got Talent 2011 semi-finals continue tonight with the fourth live show at 7:30PM on ITV! This evening's episode sees the return of comedy dancer Steven Hall, singer Jai McDowall and comic singer Edward Reid.

Dance Angels, Mexican Mayhem, Jessica Hobson, Out Of The Blue, Nathan Wyburn, Jai McDowall, Steven Hall and Edward Reid all star in tonight's show. They'll take to the stage in a bid to impress the public and the panel - which will see the return of Simon Cowell!

Here we take a look at the acts in closer detail and rate their chances...

Out of the Blue

Out Of The BlueMEMBERS: Dave Brennan (President), Nick Barstow, Ben Mullaney, Oli Stephenson, James Kay, Lawrence Cottam, George Eddy, Chris Bland, Sellali Fiamanya, Alexei Kalveks, Danny Swift, Sammo Swimmerton, Dom Stockbridge, Jonathan Soman and Nick Fletcher
AGE: 18-23
FROM: All live in Oxford but hometowns include Surrey, Slough, London, Southampton, Leicestershire and Australia
TALENT: A capella singing group
CHANCES: Song choice will be important, if they get it right they could be in the top 3

Jessica Hobson

Jessica HobsonAGE: 19
FROM: Sheffield
TALENT: Singer
CHANCES: A good enugh singer, but lacks enough to stand out from the others

Steven Hall

Steven HallAGE: 53
FROM: Kendal
TALENT: Comedy Dancing
CHANCES: It was funny the first time but the humour could now be lost without the surprise


Mexican Mayhem (Melanie Ceazar)

Mexican MayhemAGE: 59
DOGS: Tucker, a 4 year old Chihuahua & Twizzle, a 3 year old Chihuahua
FROM: Chingford
TALENT: Animal Act

Dance Angels

Dance AngelsMEMBERS: Lauren Hall, Jade Wheadin, Jodie Hollyman, Joanna Metllianos, Carys Hall, Kimberly Lisle, Kirsty Macilory, Chelcea Harvey, Courtney Brant, Rebecca Latchford, Megan Welsh, Ellie Lewis, Seren Griffiths, Issie Tusstin, Ella Ferris, Emma Bann, Amy Deans, Libby Ardley, Ellie Murray and Taylor Davies
AGE: 9-23
FROM: Cardiff
TALENT: Dance Troupe
CHANCES: Another group of dancers who are there only to make up the numbers

Jai McDowall

Jai McDowallAGE: 24
FROM: Ayrshire, Scotland.
TALENT: Singer
CHANCES: A good singer with a good story, but again song choice will be important

Nathan Wyburn

Nathan WyburnAGE: 21
FROM: Abergavenny, lives in Cardiff
TALENT: Artist
CHANCES: His toast picture was cool, but not fun to watch.

Edward Reid

Edward ReidAGE: 35
FROM: Glasgow
TALENT: Singer
CHANCES: Will need to bring something new to the table to impress

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