Britian's Got Talent 2011 Semi Final 2: What the judges said!

David and Karen

The next two acts to make it through to Saturday night’s live final, joining Ronan Parke and Paul Gbegbaje from last night’s show, were chosen tonight. New Bounce made it through on public vote. David and Karen and Jean Martyn faced the judges to see who would win the next place in Saturday’s final. Jean was successful after getting the winning vote from each of the four judges.

After thousands of hopefuls auditioned, it’s all down to the final 40 acts to battle it out for a place in Saturday night’s grand final and the chance take home £100,000 prize money and a coveted slot on this year’s Royal Variety Performance

Highlights tonight included a performance by the cast of musical Shrek, led by Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. The cast sang I’m A Believer. Here's what the judges had to say on the acts...

Two & A Half Men
Simon: “I thought it was terrific. What I like is that you’re old school. It was very well rehearsed, it could have done with a few more dancers alongside you to make the ending a bit bigger.”

Amanda: “No, they’re Two and a Half Men.”

Simon: “They could be Two and a Half men plus 50. You have lots of character and personality, is it going to win? I think you’re going to have to do better if, and it’s a big if, you make it to the final.”


David: “From the first time we saw you I thought you have unbelievably improved. You confidence, charisma, your great choreography, it’s sensational. Is it good enough for the final, I don’t know yet, I kind of agree with Simon.”

Michael: “ Amazing stage presence. You have such character, almost like cartoon characters. What did you throw on floor? Cash? I love the thought that this is like Simons Cowell’s living room at home.”

Amanda: “I thought you were very animated, kind of like watching a black and white movie. You mixed modern with old very very good.”

Enchantment ‘Ave Maria’ requiem / ‘Nessun Dorma’
Simon and Amanda buzzed

David: “I don’t think you were bad enough to get buzzed. It started off a little weak, you didn’t come and get our attention straight away. At first it was about your voice, and your singing was fantastic. The rest were like cats, cats in a blender. I couldn’t figure it out but it was still very enchanting.”

Michael: “I didn’t buzz. I enjoyed Enchantment’s audition, there was lots more going on in the audition. This was a little disjointed. Everything you did was very good, but a little disjointed.”

Amanda: “I did buzz, I was really disappointed, I’m so sorry. We put you through on your audition which was amazing, tonight you let yourselves down. There was no continuity. Your audition showed us everything you can do but this had too much chop and change. It was disappointing.”

Simon: “Everything was mad. Lions, tigers, zebras. It makes no sense. It was like the Magic Roundabout that I used to watch as a child. I don’t get this at all. I really, really don’t know what you two were thinking. Genuinely.”

Herbie Armstrong ‘Mandy’
Michael: “There’s a real vulnerability about you which makes you very sweet. And it was a great song choice because that’s Amanda mobile phone ring, but I was disappointed, I thought you were going to sing about all of us, we’d have Hey Mickey or Return of the Mac. As it went on I enjoyed it more and more.”

Amanda: “You are so cute. It seems wrong to say that to a grown man of your years, but you have such vulnerability. It took me a while to get the song until you sang Mandy but I liked your version and you’re a lovely person.”

Simon: “You have a nice voice, a nice tone to your voice but it was very sad, like a singing blood hound. Your eyes go down like a bloodhound, I’m not being rude. I don’t think that was the right song for you. You could have done something less karaoke, a little bit more cool. I’m not being rude again but, even though you’re older, you’re still a cool guy. I think it was a wasted opportunity.”

David: “I absolutely loved every minute of it. Your standard was high, you sold the song, great job.”

Lorna Bliss ‘Slave For You’ / ‘Oops I Did It Again’
Simon, David and Michael buzzed

David: “I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on. Last time you came out, you were seductive, crazy, shocking and I expected more tonight but it was a step backwards. I was disappointed but congratulations for coming back.”

Michael: “Lorna, there’s no doubt about it, you have an uncanny resemblance to Britney Spears, but you need a little bit more than that to go further. I mean Amanda has an uncanny resemblance to Joanna Lumley but she needs more than that to have a career.”

Amanda: “I didn’t buzz. I thought it was better than your audition and the only thing I would say is, a lot of effort went into it, so well done, but to be a true Britney impersonator you have to work on your dance. She’s a really great dancer and you’re not really.”

Simon: “Look Lorna, I saw your first audition it was a lot more fun, throwing yourself on the desk, which is why, I’m sure, David wanted you back, but it was just you and a red plastic mac. The performance was as limp as the python. You had opportunity for a second chance and it was just a bit limp.”

New Bounce ‘Price Tag’
Simon: “Let me tell you something, this is the first time in two days I have seen something, an act, which I genuinely believe will actually be a success in the real world. I saw your audition, it was very dated. The first audition felt like your parents were controlling you, this time it felt like you chose the song. I loved the song, I loved your version. Let me tell you something, you’re the ones to beat.”

David: “ In your audition you were all over the place and nervous. Tonight you were unbelievable. I am so, so proud of you. You went back, you’re your homework and, man, you could win the competition.”

Michael: “I said no to you in your audition. I did, they were really flat in auditions. Really, really flat and it was awkward. And you have totally turned that around. I’m so pleased for you and proud of you and pleased I was wrong.”

Amanda: “We gave you a second chance in the sing off and you proved us right. Finally JLS have got some competition. Congratulations.”

Jean Martyn A medley
David: “Jean, I absolutely love you. You made me smile. You make me smile all day long, I just look at you and want to laugh. You’ve made me so happy. Fantastic job, I think you will be in the finals.”

Michael: “I have to say I just love you. I can see you playing stadiums with thousands of people.”

Amanda: “Jean, you are like Victoria Wood on acid. I see you have accessorised as well and have scantily clad men in the background.”

Simon: “I shouldn’t like it, but I did like it. I can honestly say I’ve done this a few years and it’s the most bonkers show. Jumping frogs, you bashing the keyboard to pieces and I like it.”

David & Karen Magic
Michael: “I am literally amazed, I forgot I was here. I have no idea how that happened. Your audition was similar, this was better and I loved your audition and I loved this. Thoroughly entertaining and you’re both very, very likeable.”

Amanda: “It was very dramatic, very exciting. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the audience on their feet for a magic act, you’ve broken the curse of magic on Britain’s Got Talent.”

Simon: “You know what, I have to agree with these two. I really like it, I’m not mental about it but it looked good. It was very over the top, you looked great wet, it all works. You’ve got the whole getting out of water to James Bond music.”

David: “They said it all. Terrific, fantastic. I was holding my breath for you, it was a long time under water. Congratulations, great job.”

Up & Over It ‘Nine To Five’
Simon buzzed

Amanda: “I thought it was really well presented, great with a team behind you. It was great to see your foot work and your hand work. However, as much as I enjoyed it something was missing and I don’t know what, but it was still a dynamic, innovative act and I’ve never seen anything like it. Congratulations.”

Simon: “I struggled through this, to be honest. It was interesting for about 30 seconds. I’m sorry but nobody would go and watch and pay to see you doing that on a table. Riverdance is a huge spectacle, that is you doing that and it is boring. I watched the show, there were other dancers you didn’t put through who should have got through instead of this.”

David: “I don’t think you needed the rest of them, I loved the simplicity last time. I fell in love with your personalities and couldn’t take my eyes off you guys. Why were you leaving the table? You should have stayed there.”

Michael: “I did find it very entertaining, great. I think Simon was trying to do it but accidently buzzed. It is entertaining but difficult to sustain it, which is why you stood up. But it was very impressive, as are both of you.”

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM on ITV1.

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