We're not entirely sure how The Sun got this story about Cheryl Cole's internet activities...

Cheryl Cole

According to tabloid newspaper The Sun, instead of watching Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent last night, Cheryl Cole spent her evening browsing the internet for a holiday. We're a be concerned about exactly how the newspaper got a hold of this information...

"Cheryl had no intention of watching Simon's big night. It was the last thing she would be interested in," one of those mystery sources revealed. "She still feels badly let down and seeing his face will make her more upset."


The creepy insider added: "Cheryl spent most of the evening checking out possible holiday destinations. She can't wait to get as far away from all this attention as possible and was eyeing up destinations in the middle of nowhere."

The source, who has seemingly been keeping a very close eye on Cheryl, added: "Cheryl has just been relaxing.

"The past week has been very stressful so she aims to keep her head down and try and get over what happened. She feels badly treated and has had enough of the ruthless showbiz world for the time being. All she wants to do now is be in the company of people she trusts and move on in her own time.

"She's got some big decisions to make regarding her future in TV and also her music career."

Meanwhile the source was quick to assure fans that the signer wasn't 'depressed' or at 'breaking point' as other reports had claimed. "One thing she's not worried about is her health. She is fine," the source said.

The X Factor 2011 UK auditions kick off in Birmingham tomorrow afternoon.

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