Simon Cowell tells pals: Cheryl Cole has had it with me!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell confessed to friends yesterday that Cheryl Cole has had it with him after she got the axe from the US X Factor. According to The Sun, the pair's previously close relationship is now in tatters after the music mogul chopped the Girls Aloud star from the American show.

"He was saying, 'She's had it with me. I've hurt her and she won't forgive me for this'," a source told the tabloid today. "He is really worried that she won't speak to him ever again.

"Simon feels guilty as hell about what has happened to Cheryl. He has admitted it was a cock-up but she won't hear him out.


"They used to be so close. She'd text him round the clock for advice. Now she can't bring herself to speak to him. He feels like he's lost a lover."

The paper also claims that the show boss was booed at last night's Britain's Got Talent live shows. "The gossip before the show was all about Cheryl and Simon. People were reading The Sun and saying, 'Can you believe what he's done to poor Cheryl?'," another source revealed.

They added: "As soon as the warm-up guy said, 'Simon is in the building,' everyone suddenly started booing. People were saying, 'That's for Cheryl'."

Meanwhile the blame for the mess has been put on Cheryl's new manger, Black Eyed Peas star " has no real experience of the UK TV world," a source claimed in the newspaper.

"He keeps talking about getting her to do big duets with people like Rihanna and Usher and cracking into movies. But they should have convinced her to go back on the UK show. Showbiz gigs don't come much bigger than X Factor."

Auditions for The X Factor 2011 start tomorrow in Birmingham.

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