Britian's Got Talent 2011 Semi Final 1: What the judges said!

Joe Oakley

The first two acts to make it through to Saturday night’s live final were chosen tonight. Ronan Parke made it through on public vote while Paul Gbegbaje also went through on the public vote after the judges’ decision was split. Ant & Dec revealed that Paul received the second highest votes of the evening after David and Michael voted for Joe Oakley whilst Amanda and Simon backed Paul.

After thousands of hopefuls auditioned, it’s all down to the final 40 acts
to battle it out for a place in Saturday night’s grand final and the chance
take home £100,000 prize money and a coveted slot on this year’s Royal
Variety Performance

Highlights from last night included explosive martial arts, breath-taking bike stunts and soulful singing. Also, last years’ winners, Spelbound returned for a show-stopping performance. Here's what the judges had to say on the acts...

Girls Roc singing ‘Sweet Dreams’
David – Wow, the key to this show is always getting better. The first time around you were hot, this time you are sizzling. I loved the choreography, I loved the whole thing, I loved the way you handled that snake. Awesome job.

Michael - Lots of fire this close to the judges, there’s a great deal of hairspray here. With the raised production values, I thought you looked amazing. I really enjoyed it.

Amanda – I thought you were sexy, you’ll get the dads vote. I particularly loved the men trapped in the cage behind you.

Simon - I thought it was fantastic. Absolutely nothing missing. There was fire, snakes, dancing. Do you do home shows? I’d book you for my birthday party next year. The staging was great, the dancing was ok but who cares.
Well done girls.

Donelda Guy dancing to ‘Get the Party Started’ with Mega and Biba
David - You came out like the Queen of dogs. The dogs dance better than me. Fantastic choreography for the dogs. So much better than first time around and I though the first time around was great.

Michael – You’re very showbiz, you look very showbiz and this is a great stage for you. It was more entertaining this time. We like it when dogs do things that dogs don’t normally do. They were conga-ing, standing on two legs…I loved it.

Amanda – I’ve always called you the Mrs Bucket of the dog world. You made a grander entrance than Simon. The dogs did you proud and I loved that you’re all wearing the same accessories.

Simon - First time I saw your act it felt like you were doing the
choreography. Today it felt like the dogs were doing the choreography.
The girls did great.

Stuart Arnold Medley
2 buzzers – Simon and David
David – I tried to terminate you first time around and you proved me wrong you came back but I don’t think you’ll get the chance to come back again.
Other than the costume, the choreography and the act you were fantastic.
It’s not the act I want to present to the Queen.

Michael - I have to say I was very entertaininated. I enjoyed Terminator 2 more than Terminator 1.

Amanda – I thought that was better than your first audition. I loved the rap. You’re different, you’re unique, you made me laugh and you entertaininated.

Simon – The problem is when you’ve got that much stuff over your mouth I can’t hear what you’re saying. I don’t get what this is. Are you a bad singer, a terrible dancer or an impersonator?

Paul Gbegbaje with a piano medley
David – The first time I saw you I was moved by you’re story and you’re heart. Tonight you totally impressed me. Great choice of songs, played with emotion not just with the piano but with heart.


Michael – I totally agree with David. It’s magnificent when you play. The audience loved you. You gave yourself a real chance tonight, you’re one to watch.

Amanda - Absolutely gorgeous. I know some people consider this sort of act as a bit highbrow but I thought your choice of tracks was fantastic. Well done.

Simon - I liked you when I saw your first audition. My personal advice, I wouldn’t do so many songs, it cheapens the act. And that backing track was terrible but you are very, very, very talented and very likeable. So far, you are by far the most talented act we’ve seen. I hope you’re in the final so you can choose a song that’s got the wow factor.

Bruce Sistaz ‘Explosive’
David – I need a couple of bodyguards. I didn’t think you could be any better than your first audition but you were much better. Very hot, very sexy.

Michael – I loved your first audition but this is so much better. I love the fact you’re sisters. I want to meet the whole Bruce family, it must be so much fun. I loved it. Spectacular.

Amanda - Even slicker than the first audition. This brings sex appeal to something I’d never considered glamorous before. Your legs look like they’ve got a complete life of their own.

Simon - That was a really, really good act. So tight. Excellent choreography. You two should be in a movie.

Ted & Grace ‘Pack Up Your Troubles / Pack Up’ medley
David – Grace, tell Ted he was very good. You did a very good job tonight Ted. Very heart warming, very entertaining. I think I’d like to see little more Ted and little less Grace.

Michael – I notice Grace hasn’t told him that. He’s still waiting to hear the news he should go solo. Grace, I did think your voice was much stronger than the first audition. Ted, as ever, I love to watch you perform. Did you do your own choreography?

Amanda - I thought it was charming and cute. Excellent use of microphone.
Another great Glee mash-up. Excellent microphone technique, I said EXCELLENT MICOPHONE TECHNIQUE!

Simon - I think I was hearing what Ted was hearing through that – you know when you can hear 16 televisions, it’s very difficult to hear, a bit all over the place. I agree it should have been more Ted and a little less Grace.

Joe Oakley performing bike stunts to a party rock anthem
David – Awesome. I said before you need to come back and be more daring, more exciting and you were more daring and exciting. You brought it.

Michael - I thought your first audit was fantastic but this was amazing you took it to another level. Where’s your bike seat.

Joe - Someone stole it.

Michael – Well my advice is get a seat, it would be more comfortable.

Amanda –The crowd loved you. I wasn’t sure if I would be impressed but you’ve blown me away.

Simon – I’m not normally a fan of these acts but that was very, very risky but immaculate and well timed. It made something boring very entertaining.
It’s my favourite act of the night so far.

Ronan Parke ‘Make You Feel My Love’
David – What can I say? You came out, took to the stage with confidence and stood there and sang your heart out and we all felt it. You are going to be really hard to beat in this competition. Terrific. Fantastic job.

Michael - You were my favourite of all the auditions. You’re a total natural and I think you have more in reserve. I want to hear you sing more and more songs.

Amanda - Effortless. You are 12 years old singing in front of millions of people. Gorgeous voice. Your parents must be bursting with pride as is the nation.

Simon – I saw your first audition and I wasn’t crazy about your initial choice of song. For me, it’s always about song choice and you totally and utterly nailed that. I was nervous we were going to get a lot of Justin Bieber impersonators but you’re not that kind of singer. You have soul in your voice. If Adele is watching now I think she would be really happy.

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM on ITV1.