"Depressed" X Factor star Cheryl Cole at "breaking point" after axe

Cheryl Cole

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole is reportedly at breaking point as pressure mounts around her sacking from The X Factor USA and possible return to the UK show. According to the Daily Mirror, 27-year-old Cheryl has been “crying all week” since getting the boot.

However friends say that the singer wasn't in the right state to even join The X Factor in the states.


"Cheryl wasn’t in the right frame of mind to commit to such a big project like The US X Factor and it has ended up making her feel even worse after being rejected," a source told the tabloid today.

“Agreeing to be on the panel has turned out to be a huge mistake.”

The insider continued to blab: "She felt lost and just didn’t enjoy life in America. She hated having people tell her to smile all the time. It felt false and she didn’t like it.

“She’s also still very regretful that her marriage to Ashley Cole didn’t work out.”

ITV bosses reportedly raised more than £2.3 million in a bid to get Cheryl back on the UK version of the show, but it sounds like her sacking from the US show may put her off The X Factor for good.

"She has found the humiliation of being axed from the American show really tough to take," another source explained. “She is taking hardly any calls and there have been lots of tears all week, she is really down and depressed."

The insider revealed: "It doesn’t seem like there is enough time for her to get over being sacked before the UK auditions start on Wednesday.

“Cheryl is a fighter and is overwhelmed by the public support she has received here in the UK. But she is so hurt at the moment. Stepping out and working on X Factor so soon may be too much for her.”


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