Confirmed: Lorna Bliss through to Britain's Got Talent live shows - despite getting a no at her audition

Lorna Bliss

Those eagle eyed viewers may have noticed that only 39 acts were shown in last night's Top 40 on Britain's ot Talent 2011 final audition episode. The missing act was Lorna Bliss, who made it through despite getting three no's from the judges during her audition earlier in the series.

Despite the judge’s finding her routine entertaining when she auditioned in Liverpool, Lorna got three buzzers and didn't make it through. However show bosses reportedly raged at the panel: "There is no glamour!

“Where’s the sex appeal? This just won’t turn the viewers on.”


According to the tabloid, producers overruled the judges and Lorna will now being going on to compete in the live finals in June this year.

Michael McIntyre reportedly "hit the roof" behind the scenes of the show after finding out that he and his fellow judges had their decisions changed. "[Michael] claimed that their original decision over Lorna should stand since they really knew how bad she was," the report states.

A show source added: “Michael was not happy.

“He felt that since he, Amanda and The Hoff had sat through all those auditions it was only right that their verdict should count for something.”

Talking about her audition, Lorna said: “I’ve been impersonating Britney Spears since 2000 when Britney first came out on the scene. Making myself into Britney has taken 10 years of my life. The wigs, dental treatments, facials, if she tightens up, I tighten up, if she puts on a bit of weight I’m like ‘hey Pizza Hut, let’s go’.

“When Britney shaved her hair off, I did it too. I’ve basically dedicated my whole being to being Britney. To perform at the Royal Variety would just be so awesome. I’d fly the flag for Britney and make her so proud.”

Watch Britney performer Lorna Bliss on Britain's Got Talent 2011 here

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