JLS want 'strong' Cheryl Cole back on The X Factor UK!


The X Factor 2008 runners up JLS want Cheryl Cole to return to The X Factor here in the UK after being axed from the American version of the show. Speaking at the launch of their own movie (!!), the guys were confident 'strong' Cheryl will be fine after getting the boot.

Marvin said about the move: "Obviously it's very disappointing... you have to draw good and bad from it, I think. Obviously Cheryl will be disappointed but... one door closes, another one opens. She'll be welcomed back home with open arms and I think everyone wants to see her return to the UK version."

He added: "Cheryl's an incredibly strong woman, she's gone through a lot and I think she'll be absolutely fine."

Meanwhile when asked what Cheryl brings to the show, member Oritse explained: "She adds something that nobody else has and that's experience. She's been through a show like that before. She knows what the contestants are going through. And I think that's important to have as part of the judging panel for sure."

Unfortunately for the guys Cheryl looks set to snub The X Factor, with the Girls Aloud star refusing a £2.5 million deal.

JLS's 3D movie, called Eyes Wide Open, opens at cinemas nationwide on 3 June.


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