Britain's Got Talent 2011 Semi-final 1: The line up!

Ronan Parke

The Britain's Got Talent 2011 semi-finals kick off tonight with the first live show at 7:30PM on ITV! Tonight's opening episode sees sexy dancers, dancing dogs, talented pianists, singing granddads and dangerous bikers. Read on for info on all of tonight's acts...

Girls Roc, Ronan Parke, Ted & Grace, Donelda Guy, Bruce Sistaz, Joe Oakley, Paul Gbegbaje and Stuart Arnold take to the stage tonight to impress the panel - which will see the return of Simon Cowell!

Here we take a look at the acts in closer detail and rate their chances...

Girls Roc

MEMBERS: Nicola Wills (27), Danielle Veal (23), Hannah Gray (26), Lucy Jones (22), Stephanie Tripp (23), Kelly Frankley (25) and Georgie Leahy (23)
AGE: 21-27
FROM: London and Kent
TALENT: Dancing Fire Act
BACKGROUND: Girls Roc formed at the beginning of 2010 when Nicola was approached by a club looking for night entertainment. Three-hundred girls were auditioned and six chosen - they now all work in five nights a week. All the girls have backgrounds in dance having done so since they were young and now teach dance when not performing with the group. Through Girls Roc they have learnt how to dance on stilts, with fire and involve a snake in their performance.
CHANCES: A hot and steamy act sure to be entertaining, but too risqué for the Queen

Donelda Guy

Donelda GuyAGE: 66
DOGS: Biba, a 9 year old Border Collie & Mega, a 3 year old Border Collie
FROM: Jersey
TALENT: Animal Trainer
BACKGROUND: Donelda's love for canine agility and obedience began as a child when she would watch farmers with their dogs at sheepdog trials and has now been training dogs for 38 years.


She began mixing heelwork to music and freestyle when she wanted to be more adventurous in competitions including Crufts and various UK Championships. She says her dogs respect everything she says and they enjoy their life living by the beach.
Donelda lives in Jersey with her husband Alan and her animals; she has two children and three grandchildren. She ran her own successful hairdressing salon until she retired but said she always wanted to be a forensic detective.
CHANCES: A very good act which certainly has the cute factor, but we don't think they have enough to take the top spot. It'll be up to the judges to save Donelda

Bruce Sistaz

Bruce SistazMEMBERS: Chloe & Grace Bruce
AGE: 27 & 19
FROM: Essex
TALENT: Martial Arts
BACKGROUND: Chloe and Grace are sisters who have been performing martial arts since a young age (Chloe was 8 and Grace was 3), forming the Bruce Sistaz act about a year ago after believing it is more impression seeing two martial artists performing in unison rather than one. They regularly perform at corporate events as well as a few film premieres in London; Chloe holds the Guinness World Record for the most amount of kicks in one minute (currently 212).
Chloe and Grace live in Essex with their mum, dad and two brothers. Chloe currently runs her own martial arts school where they both teach and their ultimate dream is to become known worldwide and continue doing what they love to do together.
CHANCES: A nice act but too niche for Britain's Got Talent

Stuart Arnold

Stuart ArnoldAGE: 42
FROM: Nottingham
TALENT: Impressionist
BACKGROUND: Stuart first became a fan and started to do impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger after watching 'Kindergarten Cop' when he stared to mock Arnold after hearing him on the radio promoting the film.
Stuart is an ex-technical design consultant and lives in Nottingham with his wife of five years, Karen. Arnold is his genuine surname after his Mum remarried.
CHANCES: This act should've never made it through, but will the Wagner effect take hold?

Paul Gbegbaje

Paul GbegbajeAGE: 19
FROM: Dagenham
TALENT: Musician
BACKGROUND: Paul began playing the piano when he was 14 and self taught himself by playing after a choir rehearsal at a local church, experimenting and learning to play the instruments available. His inspirations included Oscar Peterson, Chopin and Stevie Wonder, who he would listen to at home and go back to the church to apply his inspiration.
Paul lives with his mother, father, brother and two sisters in Dagenham. He is currently studying Music Management at university and can play the drums, guitar, recorder, steel pans, bass guitar and xylophone - playing most instruments by ear.
CHANCES: Young and talented Paul has it all going for him. A certain to be in the top 3.

Ted & Grace (Ted Hall and Grace Bower)

Ted and GraceAGE: 92 & 21
FROM: Scunthorpe
TALENT: Singers
BACKGROUND: Ted, a retired Army recruit, and Grace, a Lady Gaga tribute act, are grandfather and granddaughter who first started singing as a duo when Grace was little. They are very close and Ted is very proud of Grace and says she follows his attributes and loves to show off like him! Ted loves pop music and Grace is inspired by people like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga.
Ted is originally from Sheffield but now lives in Scunthorpe near to his daughter and her family who he says looks after him tremendously. Grace has lived in Scunthorpe all her life apart from when she moved to university to study police and criminal investigation; she now lives back with her parents and brother.
CHANCES: Very cute but a bit too sickly sweet for us

Joe Oakley

Joe OakleyAGE: 19
FROM: Nottingham
TALENT: Bike Act
BACKGROUND: Joe first showed an interest in cycling when his Dad bought him a bike when he was 10 and began competing at the age of 13. Self taught, Joe has competed in the world championships and won in 2009. When he is not competing, he rides whenever he can and teaches in school; his big dream is to promote sport, teach others and to perform full time.
Joe lives in Nottingham with his mum and dad and has once sister, his family are all behind him and can't wait for him to publicise the sport.
CHANCES: A good act but the limitations of the small studio may not allow Joe to show off his talents to the fullest extent

Ronan Parke

Ronan ParkeAGE: 12
FROM: Norwich
TALENT: Singer
BACKGROUND: Ronan started singing when he was 3 years old when he would sing along to music in the car. He has been having singing lessons for the past 2 years and sings non-stop around the house! He hasn't done much performing apart from at friend's birthday parties and weddings and a local dance school where he said "the crowd's reaction was just brilliant". He isn't scared to sing on the big stage because the feedback he gets is always great and his dream is to become a professional singer and selling lots of records. Ronan decided to enter Britain's Got Talent and filled out all the forms by himself. His lives in Norwich with his parents, Maggie and Trevor, who support him 100%.
CHANCES: A brilliant voice for such a young guy, almost certain to make it through.

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tonight at 7:30PM on ITV1.