Young ventriloquist Reece Daly splits the Britain's Got Talent panel

Britain's Got Talent 2011

Young ventriloquist Reece Daly from Liverpool split the judges on Britain’s Got Talent tonight, only narrowly making it through the auditions thanks to Michael McIntyre listening to some pleading from Amanda Holden! The youngster took to the stage to perform his comedy routine, but got a mixed reception.

The act saw Reece make a number of gags which had the audience laughing, but the judges weren't all convinced he and his act were ready for the next stage of the live shows.


"When you first came on I was bit like... 'Oh'," Amanda began, "But when you started doing your act... you were really good. I think you've got potential."

David Hasselhoff added: "You're doing good kid, but you’ve got to step out of your box and do something different.

Michael McIntyre wasn't convinced, saying: "Some of the things you're doing... I recognised as it being unoriginal, I enjoyed it but whether I enjoyed it enough?"

Amanda put Reece through saying: "Because of your age I don't think it matters that you've nicked a few gages here and there because you're learning."

David however said: "I don't think you're ready yet so it's a no."

Helped by Amanda fighting for his cause, Reece told Michael: "I know it sounds cliché but I want to prove to you that I can do this."

"Performing in front of 2,000 people and doing well is part of journey," Michael began, "But I don't think it's doing you a favour to put you through... you are young and it needs work..."

However Michael added: "But I want you to carry on and I want you to get better so I'm going to say yes!"

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