Amanda wants Simon Cowell to return to BGT by descending from the ceiling wearing a toga!

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has revealed that she is hoping Simon Cowell's return to Britain's Got Talent will see the music mogul descend from the ceiling wearing a toga! Speaking to Buzz magazine yesterday, Amanda also said she was worried that Michael McIntyre may not be able to shut up in the live shows.

Cowell will join Amanda, Michael and David Hasselhoff from Monday night when the live shows kick off in London.


"I have no idea how it's going to work when he returns, but my fantasy is that he comes down on a cloud, suspended from the ceiling wearing nothing but a toga," Amanda told Buzz. "Then he either sits on the cloud or his own throne throughout the show. Or we could just have a giant Simon hand that comes down and buzzes off the acts.

"Whatever he decides on, Simon will say exactly what he thinks - it's just a question of whether he will have the time to say it because Michael never stops talking. We've had to tell him that when the show is live, everyone's only got 30 seconds to tell us their opinion, or by the time it gets to Simon there may not be any time left. Simon would be really p****d off then, and Michael would get the boot!"

The West End star - who will be singing live on the show with the cast of Shrek the Musical - also said that Simon would have no choice but sit next to her! "I have no doubt that Simon will be sitting next to me, as nobody else will tickle him," Amanda laughs. "He likes to drape himself over the women on the judges' panel. He will not be draping himself over Michael and Simon won't want to sit next to The Hoff because he's so tall, he looks like he's standing even when he's sitting down. The Hoff would make Simon look small."

Amanda teased she was tipped two young singers to win the show this year, but refused to reveal exactly who!

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tonight at 7:30PM on ITV1.