Amanda Holden fears she'll be axed from Britain's Got Talent after this year!

Amanda Holden

As this year's Britain’s Got Talent competition starts its final week, Amanda Holden has revealed she's unsure whether or not she'll be back for another series next year. Speaking to the News Of The World, Amanda said that five years on the show would be enough for her!

ITV renewed its contract with programme makers Talkback Thames and Syco, Simon Cowell's company, last year to see the show continue until at least 2013.


Amanda Holden admitted last night: "Who knows what the line-up will be next year. I always said five years would do me and I've done that this series.

"If I can get more out of it then great, but Simon will know when it is time for me to go."

Amanda added: "I'd like the panel to stay as it is but if it doesn't then it doesn't - and whatever he decides to do, I've had a ball."

Meanwhile the West End star revealed that with ratings up on last year, Simon will be confused about what to do! "Last week's show increased ratings on the same point of the competition last year," she said. "I love The Hoff and Michael and it has been a good change. It's like a new class. I think the show needed a kick up the a**e and it got it.

"It is a double-edge sword for Simon - ratings are what people like him think about so he will be thrilled, but it will also make him think he hasn't been missed."

Simon Cowell will return to the show from Monday night.

Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tonight at 7:30PM on ITV1 with the final audition show and the reveal of this year's top 40 acts!

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