Cheryl Cole set to snub The X Factor UK for The Voice on the BBC?

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to snub The X Factor on the UK and join The Voice on the BBC, according to The Mirror. We told earlier today that Cheryl wanted double pay for The X Factor UK or she'd quit, and with an offer from the BBC on the table it sounds like she's in a strong position.

The BBC revealed last week that it was looking to launch the hit US show, The Voice, here in the UK on Saturday nights next year.

Cheryl told a friend last night: "I’m very torn about what to do next. This whole thing has been so upsetting. I don’t feel like I can even step out the door and face everyone at the moment.

“But I am so grateful to all the messages of support. My fans are giving me the strength to look to the future.”

According to the newspaper, Cheryl's Universal record label will be heavily involved with The Voice on BBC and have encouraged the singer to sign up as a judge. “It would be a fresh start for her and would mean she could work with people who she trusts and who have her best interests at heart," a 'record company source' said.

"It would also be a great way of sticking two fingers up at Simon Cowell.”

The insider added: "She could even do one more series of UK X Factor and then flee to the BBC, such is the demand for her.”

As all those involved remain silent over the stories, and ITV source pointed out the obvious: “Nobody knows what the hell’s going on – it’s typical Simon.”

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