Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell 'in talks to try and sort something out' says Sinitta

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

X Factor big mouth Sinitta has suggested that Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are currently 'in talks', trying to sort out what the Girls Aloud star will do now that FOX executives have pushed her out of The X Factor USA. The Geordie singer has to have been offered a place back on the UK show but is unsure of taking it up.

Speaking on Daybreak this morning, Sinitta said: "There is something going on. All I can say is Simon and Cheryl are very close and I believe they are in talks to try and sort something out. As soon as they agree on something then we will hear about it.<

"They are having private conversations. Simon really, really wanted Cheryl on the American show. He really fought to have her there."

We told this morning how Cheryl is set to return to The X Factor UK, at the expense of new judge Tulisa. According to the Daily Mail however, Cheryl isn't sure about taking up the offer after being dumped in the states.

Meanwhile Sinitta continued: "They are talking and they are working on something that they will agree on. Simon was 100% behind Cheryl and I am sure that very, very soon, maybe today, we will find out what that decision will be.

"When I spoke to Simon a few weeks ago all he spoke about was how well it was going and how much he was enjoying the show."

The 'So Macho' singer added that she'd want to see Cheryl back on the UK version, saying: "I know that's what her fans want."


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