Girls Aloud reject Javine Hylton wants an X Factor judge that can 'actually sing' on the panel

Cheryl Cole

It seems as though bitter Javine Hylton still hasn't got over her ejection from Girls Aloud back in 2002, hitting out Cheryl Cole today. Also taking a swipe at Dannii Minogue and Girls Aloud's former manager Louis Walsh, Javine said The X Factor panel needed judges who could 'actually sing'.

The reality telly loser said: "It would be nice to have someone on the panel that could actually sing. At least when you watch ‘American Idol’ Randy Jackson has been in the music business and is a singer and a vocal coach.


"They need someone like that on ‘The X Factor’, even if it is a vocal coach it would be nice to have someone who knows what they’re talking about."

In a very unsubtle dig, Javine continued: "It always sounds slightly weird when you hear certain people passing comment when they don’t really know how to do it themselves."

Speaking to BANG! Showbiz, Javine continued: “It would be nice to get someone with a bit of weight behind them, who has been out there – Beverley Knight or someone like that.

“It would be really nice to have a black person on there as well because there’s never any black people who get into music in this country. You know, spice it up a bit. Come on! I think Kelly Rowland would be amazing.”

Javine lost out in a plane in Girls Aloud back in 2002 after being beaten into the band by Sarah Harding.

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