Simon Cowell wants a car good enough for a president... quite literally!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has reportedly "demanded" that his team get him a new car based on the US President’s bullet proof 'Beast' vehicle. Perhaps expecting some flak for ruining the show here in the UK, Simon is said to want the $1 million Cadillac as soon as possible!

His spokesperson Max Clifford told The Sun: "Simon Cowell phoned me this morning and said he wants the same car as Obama."

Barak Obama's vehicle has been specially adapted to include an armour-plated fuel tank, puncture-resistant tyres and bullet-proof glass. Clearly driving around London is a lot more risky than he first thought...

A 'pal' of Simon's told a tabloid: "Simon's love of cars is borderline obsessional. He took one look at Obama's Beast and his first thought was, 'I need one.' Obviously it is not as simple as walking into a Cadillac showroom and getting one.

"A beast would take months, if not years, to complete."

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