Kimberley Walsh doesn't know how Louis is still on the show... so we show her why!

Louis Walsh

Writing in her OK! magazine column this week, Kimberley Walsh said she wasn't too sure exactly how Louis Walsh was still on The X Factor panel. The Irish music mogul is set to be the only returning member of the panel this year, making him the only remaining judge from the first series.

Kimberley was quick to praise Simon Cowell's replacement in Gary Barlow, saying: "Gary Barlow's got his own record label, is an amazing songwriter and a fantastic singer so he’s got every base covered. It was a smart move on Simon’s part."

However the Girls Aloud star, expected to host the Xtra Factor this year, added: "The new line-up will be so exciting although I can’t believe Louis Walsh is still hanging on in there!"

We can't help but feel that Kimberley's dislike of Louis is a bit personal - Girls Aloud did after all fall out with and sack the Louis - but even so, we absolutely love Louis Walsh and here's four reasons why he should stay...

1. Awful jokes


2. Swearing at the audience

Louis Walsh



3. Singing Fight For This Love

4. Throwing water over the auditionees

As you do.

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