Karen and David want to bring magic 'up to date' on Britain’s Got Talent 2011

David and Karen

Illusionists Karen and David have told ITV1#'s Daybreak that they want to bring magic 'up to date' on Britain’s Got Talent, doing away with cheesy and cliché performances. The pair, who impressed on Saturday's show, also teased a big surprise if they make it further in the competition.

Karen told the programme: "Magic is not very popular these days because it's very old-fashioned and that's what we want to do, we want to bring it right up date. That's why we've done away with the magician's assistant."

David added: "A lot of people say they don't like magic and that it's old men in tuxedos. If a few people say, 'We don't like magic, but we do like Karen & David', that would be fantastic."

The pair won over the judges with an illusion on Saturday night which saw the pair switch between positions inside and outside of a Perspex box within seconds in front of the audience.


Michael McIntyre told the pair: "David and Karen, I really enjoyed that, that was really good. It was brilliant. It wasn’t overly cheesy. You both look very good. I never have any idea how anyone does the trick, I’m a complete sucker for it, it was incredible and I loved it. Well done.”

Amanda enthused: “That was annoyingly good. I am never keen on magic because it’s always so small time, people come on with cards and bits of cotton and no one can see anything. This is a massive show and if it goes onto the Royal Variety then that is a huge show to perform on, and there was no orange make-up, there was no Lycra, I hate to say it, but it was really good.”

Meanwhile David continued: "There is close up magic, which is really skillful and there's lots of great close-up magicians in the UK, but we do physical grand illusions and use our bodies to make the magic happen. If you're on a big stage it's something that everyone can see really well."

The duo promised a "very big surprise" for the live shows if they get through this weekend.

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