Amanda Holden defends herself against accusations of racism over her comments to Abyss

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has had to defend her comments to dance group Abyss over complaints about racism. Viewers saw the West End star judge tell the dance troupe on Saturday that they weren't as good as 2009 Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity, giving them a no.

However with Amanda saying yes to similar, 'all white' dance groups, some viewers have complained about racism.

“I would have said the same things to a dance group whatever colour they were!" Amanda said. “Using the race card is cheap and unclassy!”

The singer's spokesperson said: “She is perplexed by what’s happened.”

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Britain's Got Talent commented that had no received any official complaints about the decision.

Despite Amanda's nom however the group got through, with Michael McIntyre saying: "I am completely new to this and I was blown away."

Guest judge Louis Walsh added: "I thought they were amazing. I thought they were slick, well rehearsed and I loved it.”

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