Pianist Paul Gbegbaje: I was bullied at school for being a Christian


Talented pianist Paul Gbegbaje has told of his nightmare life growing up, being bullied at school for being a Christian. In an exclusive interview with today's The Sun newspaper, Paul tells how he was called names and branded a 'Jesus Freak' by the school bullies.

"I was different because of what I believed in. In year eight I would bring my Bible for reading time and they would bring Playboy and stuff like that. They would call me Jesus Freak," he told the tabloid.


Paul continued:" I didn't swear, didn't smoke, didn't drink, didn't bunk. They were listening to things in the charts, whereas me I was listening to piano."

However the teenager revealed how he was the one laughing now, explaining: "Some of them even emailed me on Facebook saying, 'Well done.' I feel like I've had some form of victory. I had the last laugh."

He added: "People didn't understand my passion and they saw it as strange and weird. But now I am so glad I stayed true to myself."

19-year-old Paul also revealed he felt his successful audition was down to God, telling the newspaper: "I knew God was with me. He really came through for me."

Michael McIntyre told him: “I loved it. I loved the story, I loved the way you started [playing] quite late, the way you sounded. You were sensational.”

Amanda was also enthusiastic, telling Paul: “I can’t believe that you’ve got to that level after five years. I just think that you did an amazing job today. “

The musician has now been tipped for a place in the live semi-finals next week.

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