Dance troupe Abyss claim producers edited out their best moves!


It seems as though dance troupe Abyss are still reeling after their clash with judge Amanda Holden on Britain's Got Talent 2011. The group disagreed when Amanda failed to put them through, saying they weren't as good as 2009 winners Diversity, who beat Susan Boyle in the final.


After their performance on Saturday night, Amanda told them: "Abyss, I thought you were good, I thought there were some good moves in there. I don’t think that you are as good as that standard that’s already been set on this show. I cannot help but have to compare you to Diversity, sorry.”

However one dancer hit out, telling the West End star: "Diversity was two years ago, you’ve got to look for the younger generation. You cannot compare us to them.

Standing her ground Amanda said: "I don’t think that today you did step up.” before giving them a no.

Thanks to Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff the boys got through, but it sounds though they're still not happy with Amanda Holden or the show. Dancer Ricardo Small told The Sun today: "It didn't showcase as much of what we could do as we had thought."

Could this outburst cost the group a place in the semi-finals? Find out his Sunday!


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