Britain's Got Talent Illusionist David Penn reveals he was rushed to hospital after trick backfired

David and Karen

While everything may have gone to plan on Saturday night's Britain’s Got Talent for David & Karen, it was revealed yesterday that that's not always been the case. Speaking to The People, illusionist David Peen confessed it's previously gone wrong, very wrong!

The 40-year-old said he was rushed to hospital after a trick which required him to hold his breath backfired. “Suddenly I passed out," he said. "I came round and I had ruptured a stomach muscle. It was terrifying. I had X-rays and hospital ­treatment.”

He added: “It is very ambitious and very dangerous. We want to push the boundaries to show Simon Cowell that magic can be amazing.”

David and magic partner Karen Tomkins have been tipped to make the semi-finals, and David hopes to perform the trick if they make it to the live shows.

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