19-year-old pianist Paul achieves high praise from Amanda and Michael but David Hasselhoff is unconvinced


Tonight’s Britain's Got Talent 2011 auditions move to Manchester where 19-year-old Paul Gbegbaje is waiting to take to the stage to play piano for the judges. The youngster impresses two of the panel with his skill on the instrument after just five years of practice, but will it be a yes from David?

Paul tells the panel: “I live with my parents, they’re both preachers in a church. At school, people thought I was different , like a ‘freak’ if you like. And I wasn’t good at football, or sports , so every lunchtime I was in the music room composing and writing music.


"Originally I didn’t have a piano at home, so what I used to do, I used to imagine the music in my head, or hear the notes, and it got to the point where I actually drew a piano on a piece of paper and I used to play it.

“What I like about playing piano is the feeling you get from it, like a high. As long as I’m playing piano, I’m happy. That’s just it for me. If I can wake up every day knowing that I’m doing what I love, that’s the ultimate dream.”

After wowing the crowd with his piano playing, Paul receives high praise from Michael who says: “I loved it. I loved the story, I loved the way you started [playing] quite late, the way you sounded. You were sensational.”

Amanda is also enthusiastic, telling Paul: “I can’t believe that you’ve got to that level after five years. I just think that you did an amazing job today. “

However David isn't as quick to heap on the praise, saying: “It was nice, it was really nice. I’m not sure it was great, but it was nice.”

The crowd boo David and Amanda adds: “I thought it was great.”

Will Paul get through to the next round? Find out when Britain’s Got Talent 2011 continues tonight on ITV1 at 8PM.

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