Could Illusionists David and Karen be the first winning magic act on Britain's Got Talent?

David and Karen

Tomorrow night's Britain's Got Talent show kicks off with the judges searching for a magic act. In Britain’s Got Talent’s history, magicians have notoriously been given a hard time by Simon Cowell. But in his absence the judges are on the hunt for the perfect magic act...

“Magicians, in this series, stand on a box, lift up an enormous duvet for about seven minutes and then drop it and then they’re a different person," moans Michael McIntyre. "I’ve seen that now about five times.”

Illusionists David, 39, and Karen, 27, however hope that their act will be the one to change the judges’ minds.

Karen tells the judges: “We’re going to be performing a magic act today. We’re going to be performing an illusion that was made famous by Houdini. But we have modernised it, brought it up-to-date. People think magic can be quite boring because there’s nothing new in the market at the moment, it’s all either close up, cards, that sort of stuff. ”


David adds “It’s like a physical grand illusion. Magic has struggled on Britain’s Got Talent in the past, but they haven’t seen anything as dynamic and entertaining as us.”

Before getting underway, Karen claims: “It’s time for magic to come back.”

Karen and David take to the stage and perform their act which sees David climb into a Perspex box on stilts which is then covered with a cloth. Karen waves a large sheet in front of the box and when it drops, David is holding the sheet and Karen is in the box.

From the sidelines, a shock Ant cries: “Wow, how did they do that?”

Sceptical Michael seemed to have had his opinion changed, saying: “David and Karen, I really enjoyed that, that was really good. It was brilliant. It wasn’t overly cheesy. You both look very good. I never have any idea how anyone does the trick, I’m a complete sucker for it, it was incredible and I loved it. Well done.”

Amanda enthused: “That was annoyingly good. I am never keen on magic because it’s always so small time, people come on with cards and bits of cotton and no one can see anything. This is a massive show and if it goes onto the Royal Variety then that is a huge show to perform on, and there was no orange make-up, there was no Lycra, I hate to say it, but it was really good.”

David Hasselhoff added: “It was awesome, great.”

Have the magical duo done enough to get through to the next round? Britain's Got Talent 2011 continues tonight at 8PM on ITV1.

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