The Queen reveals she's a fan of The X Factor as Mary Byrne performs for her in Ireland

Mary Byrne

None other than The Queen has revealed she is a fan of the show to last year's finalist Mary Byrne after the 51-year-old performed in Ireland. The singer belted out U2 song ‘All I Want is You’ amongst others in a set for her majesty as part of the Royal trip to the country this week.

Mary seemed to have wowed the Queen, her husband Prince Phillip and a 2,000 strong audience at Dublin’s new Convention Centre on Thursday night.


The X Factor 2010 finalist, who finished fifth on last year's show, was then introduced to Queen Elizabeth who admitted to being a big fan of both the show and the Irish singer.

According to the Irish Independent, Mary said: “She came up and spoke to me and said ‘you are the lady off the ‘X Factor’

“I asked her did she watch it? The queen said she watched it the next day so she must have recorded it.”

Looks like her majesty puts Strictly Come Dancing before The X Factor then....

Queen X Factor

Talking about the performance for the royals, Mary said: “I was very nervous, it was the first time I have had those sort of nerves since I did the X Factor.

“I shook like a leaf but it was lovely to watch her at the concert and when she came up close to me, I was shaking. She was such a warm women. Her hand gripped me and she held on. I’m so proud.”

Mary's debut album Mine & Yours is out now.

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