Sinitta thinks The X Factor will survive without Simon... but if it fails it won't be his fault!

Sinitta and Simon

X Factor big mouth Sinitta has revealed she thinks that the hit reality show will survive without Simon Cowell - but added if it did flop, Simon wouldn't be to blame! Speaking in tomorrow's Buzz magazine, Sinitta also said people best miss the music mogul or he'll be more than a bit annoyed!

“Remember Sharon Osbourne? She was a huge X Factor hit, but the show survived when she left,” Sinitta tells the TV and showbiz mag.

She continues: “Simon will let the show evolve and give everyone freedom to do their own thing. If it goes wrong it won’t be his fault; if it does well he will be a genius.

"But if Simon wasn’t missed then I think heads would roll!”

Simon Cowell's right hand girl previously tweeted her position in the show was also in doubt, writing: "It’s not looking good for me either, looks like every one new.. Ugh [sic]".

The Sun's Buzz magazine is out tomorrow, Follow Buzz on Twitter here!

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