Britain's Got Talent acts annoyed after being dropped for the live semi finals!

Britain's Got Talent 2011

Many successful Britain's Got Talent have complained after being dropped for the live semi finals despite not getting the chance to perform again. The angry acts were also annoyed that Britain’s Got Talent 2011 continued to show their auditions on the programme - even though they hadn't got through.

Last month the Top 40 acts were revealed however some weren't even invited to London to find out the news, instead being told via telephone.

Hot Pot Theatre group, whose wacky synchronised trolley dance won over the judges last week, told The SUn: "We were delighted and spent ages working on another routine.

"Then we got a call saying, 'Thanks but no thanks'. It was frustrating. But they showed us getting put though, so viewers will think they'll see us again. It's unfair. We feel used."


Meanwhile Chris Rooney moaned that his 10-year-old daughter's dance troupe Freeman Dance were also given the chop. He complained to the newspaper: "They said they put too many decent acts through and, sorry, could we not bother coming to London.

"Incredibly, they still thought it was OK to show the audition just a week later on TV and make viewers think they'd see them again. It's not like they were a flash in the pan - they got a good chunk of airtime and Ant and Dec even chatted to them.

"If they thought the act wasn't worth it, why let them go through the effort of working on another performance? My daughter was so upset."

A spokeswoman for ITV dismissed the complaints, saying: "Following the auditions the judges have a deliberation process, which is seen on screen, where they select the 40 acts to go through to the semi-finals.

"This process has been followed every year. All contestants are informed that they may not make it through to this stage and that footage from their audition may still be used."

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