New X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos tells the world about her sensitive genitals

Tulisa Contostavlos

Having your genitals waxed on national TV may not be what you'd expect your typical X Factor judge to do, but then again it seems as though controversy has always followed the members of N-Dubz around. Potential new panellist Tulisa Contostavlos certainly showed one thing in the clip - not swearing wasn't an issue for her!

Speaking in the final part of her band's fly on the wall documentary on Wednesday night, Tulisa said: "Usually I'm shaven, not furred... but today I’m going to enter a whole new experience."

She tells the camera: "I'm not scared... [but] I've got a really sensitive m**ge" before having her intimate waxing filmed thanks to a special headcam for the Channel 4 series.

Tulisa has a wax

Perhaps understandably the clip sparked some complaints, with one moaning: "This is who is replacing Dannii Minogue?"


Another joked: "[Tulisa] makes Cheryl Cole look like the Queen."

However the exercise did seem to demonstrate one thing: Tulisa didn't have a problem controlling her language during the experience. "I haven't sworn once!" she managed to blurt out in-between the screams.

The N-Dubz star was originally understood to have been ruled out of the show as she couldn't stop swearing during screentests. A source said earlier this month: "Tulisa did do a one-hour audition but was turned down because she couldn’t stop swearing.

“It was all the time and bosses became worried about putting her on live TV in front of millions of viewers, including children."

As long as she doesn't mention how sensitive her genitals are, we think she'll do okay...

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