will.i.am reckons Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell will return to The X Factor UK!

Cheryl and will.i.am

It seems as though we may only have to put up with what is set to be a lacklustre judging panel for only one year, as according to will.i.am - Cheryl's new manager - the Girls Aloud singer and Simon Cowell could well be back. Speaking to The Sun today, will revealed the show would always be Cole's "first love"

"It would have been impossible for them to do it this year, but I wouldn’t rule out Cheryl and Simon both returning. The UK ‘X Factor’ is Cheryl’s first love," the Black Eyed Peas front man said.


However unfortunately for us Brits it seems as though Cole is going over a storm in the states, with The X Factor USA panel featuring herself, Cowell, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid.

"Cheryl is loving auditions and has found a new friend in Paula," will told the tabloid. "They worked out pretty quickly that it’s funny to annoy Simon, but even funnier if they gang up and do it together.

“Simon used to have Cheryl to put up with on the ‘X Factor’ and Paula on ‘America Idol’, but now he has to cope with them together. They are not letting him have an easy ride, but he loves it really.”

Will.i.am previously described both Cheryl and Simon as irreplaceable on the UK version of the show. He said: “I don’t think there is much doubt that Simon and Cheryl are the main two guys.

"Simon is the glue that holds everything together and people love to watch him, and Cheryl is like a queen in the UK. They are both irreplaceable."

The X Factor USA auditions continued yesterday in Chicago.

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