Hunky singer Jai McDowall inundated with marriage proposals from fans!

Jai McDowall

Hot looking Britain's Got Talent 2011 hopeful Jai McDowall has revealed he has such a positive reaction to appearing on the show, including get a few cheeky marriage proposals! The 24-year-old overcame nerves to perform for the panel on Saturday night, singing Anthem from Chess.


The stand out performance saw the audience on their feet as judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff gave the singer three yeses into the next round of auditions.

Asked about the messages he had received from fans and if there'd been any marriage offers since Saturday night, Jai said: "I think I've had one. I haven't really looked through them all to be honest...

"A couple of friends texted me and said 'I think you've just been proposed to.' I was like, 'What, really?' I need to go check that out."

The former X Factor auditionee added: "It's been great, my Facebook page has been posted to Timbuktu and back I think - with the amount of posts I've had.

"And it's great because there's some people that obviously know me and have known me since I was really little, and then there's complete strangers that just get in touch to say that they cried at the performance or they were touched by it. It's an amazing feeling."

And the amazing performer, already tipped for the live shows, admitted: "It's strange watching yourself on TV. I've only watched it twice, I can't watch it anymore because it's just too weird."

Watch Jai McDowall on Britain’s Got Talent 2011 here

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