Jai McDowall: I don't know why I was nervous I've been singing "for forever"

Jai McDowall

24-year-old Jai McDowall has told how he didn't know why he became nervous when performing for the Britain's Got Talent panel on Saturday night, saying he has been singing "for forever". The talented vocalist impressed the panel with his performance of Chess' Anthem to get through to the next round.

Speaking about his audition, Jai explained: "I used to sing songs to them in the pub when I was a wee boy, so I don’t know when the nerves kicked in, I don’t know where they came from, because I’ve been doing it for forever.

"I come from a musical family. My dad is a singer and his parents before him were singers. My Gran used to own a pub where I live and a lot of people have commented how different I am now, compared to when I was a kid."


The singer has now been tipped for the live shows, which start on Monday may 30.

Jai continued: "It means a lot to get through. The comments on Facebook and the text messages I have received from people I’ve known my entire life and from complete strangers, it’s really touching, it’s really nice, because a lot of people have said that I’ve been an inspiration to them.

"Just to have people to say that I’ve touched them just by singing, that’s what I want. I’ve not had a hard life at all and my parents have always been supportive and great, but music has always been a comfort. I put my headphones on if I’m a bit low and things are tough and there are artists out there that are an inspiration to me and I’d love to be one of those singers."

Watch Jai McDowall on Britain’s Got Talent 2011 here


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